The Suicide Squad Got Its Leader!


Well if you are going to have a person lead the likes of Will Smith and Tom Hardy, you had better get someone good, and according to the Latino-Review (who is usually right on the money), Warner Bros got the perfect person to be Amanda Waller: Viola Davis.


The two time Oscar nominee, and currently killing it on her own show ‘How To Get Away With Murder”, will be great in this role.  If The Paladin can’t get C. C. H. Pounder from the cartoon show, I am sure Davis will be more than good enough to keep him happy.  If there is anyone that can keep this rag-tag group of supervillains in line it will be her.  Since this movie comes out in less than two years, I am sure that it will start shooting soon, so we will get to see Davis putting up with none of Deadshot’s crap in the very near future.

One Reply to “The Suicide Squad Got Its Leader!”

  1. Its true C. C. Pounder was my favorite choice, but Viola Davis is a fine alternate. Ms. Pounder is a busy woman, she can’t do everything.

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