The Sherlock Christmas Special Is A Mess! A Fun Mess, But Still A Mess!


After two years Sherlock is back on TV, but this time the gang is in the Victorian Era.  It was a fun idea to put the show back in its original period, but the story tried to be too clever for its own good.  So instead of the Master Detective figuring things out in a hyper-logical manner, stuff just kind of happens.

In this episode of Sherlock, when a bride comes back from the dead to kill her husband there is only one man smart enough to figure out what happened!  Sherlock Holmes.  Well, he kind of figures it out anyway.  He has a fair amount of help.

I think that the writers just kind of tried too hard with episode.  Everything is overly complicated, and the message felt a little forced.  Then when they try and link it up with the currant day show it looses steam trying to over explain everything which takes away from the case Sherlock and Watson are working on.  There was just too much ground to cover in ninety minutes.  That all being said, I still quite liked it, but mostly due to the fun setting and strength of Sherlock’s cast.

For the most part I was just happy to have Sherlock back on TV, and if you love the show like I do, I am sure you will feel the same way.  It is just a shame that Sherlock: The Abominable Bride couldn’t capitalize on the great premise, and instead ended up being one of the series’ weaker episodes.