The 2016 Roku Stick Proves Good Things Do Come In Small Packages!


I previously raved about my 2012 Roku 2 XS, but recently it started acting up a little bit. I think it was just getting too slow to run the new apps.  Well for $50 or less you can get this year’s Roku Stick, and you should!  I streams everything the bigger Rokus do, but in a small little package.  It is fast, and the streams look great!  It even lets you stream the audio from the stick to your phone so you can watch TV without waking up your two year old.

Roku continues to show the folly of getting a Smart TV.  Why spend $100s extra when you can add one of these to any TV for just $50.  Better yet you can find them all over the place for $40.  At that price you don’t need to worry about the tech getting old because you can simply upgrade it in a couple of years.

If you are looking for a way to get your streaming apps on your TV, but don’t want to spend a lot of cash, the Roku Stick is totally the way to go.  The only reason to get something else would be because you are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, so then you would have to get an Apple TV.  Still even if you are an Apple Fanatic, for $40 you get access to everything else the internet has to offer as well.  The Roku Stick is a great device at an even better price.