So Long Lionhead Studios! You Will Be Missed!


I can’t believe I am writing this, but Microsoft is shutting Lionhead Studios down, and development on Fable Legends has been canceled!  Fable Legends has had a troubled development, but I have had not any indication that they were going to just shut it down this far along.  From what I understand they were still releasing regular builds for their closed beta.

Regardless of the reason for this closure, I will be very sad.  I know some people were let down by the Fable games, they couldn’t quite live up to Peter Molyneux’s extreme hype, but I loved them.  They were light and easy to play RPGs.  You didn’t have to get bogged down in crafting or endless dialog trees, you just got to go out and adventure.

Maybe if Lionhead had focused on Fable 4 and not some odd 4v1 free to play hybrid things could have worked out, but now we will never know.  I will miss the Fable games, and I will miss Lionhead Studios.