Snowpiercer The TV Show? No Thanks … Wait Jennifer Connelly Is In It?! I Am In!

TNT is making a Snowpiercer TV show for some reason.  I liked the movie, but it wasn’t like I was dying for more.  I am not sure how long I can watch strange rich people and desperate poor people ride a train.  Well, I mean, I guess I do know: about two hours.  Of course none of that matters because TNT had the wisdom and foresight to cast the unimpeachable Jennifer Connelly in it.  Snowpiercer is now the greatest upcoming show on television.

You don’t know who Jennifer Connelly is? Well I don’t like you very much, but here is her picture:

She has been in a lot of stuff, but for now I will just say she was from The Rocketeer and Dark City.  You have Google for the rest.  Annnnyyyywaaay, all of that is to say, look out for Snowpiercer on TNT some time next year!  It will probably not be that great.  Except for the fact it has the amazing Jennifer Connelly in it.