Shmee Visits Hamilton!

After years of hearing that Hamilton was the greatest Broadway show of all time, Mrs. Shmee finally got to see the touring production in Seattle at the Paramount Theater, and of course she took me with her.  Living up to ‘the greatest show of all time’ would take some work, and Hamilton fell at little short of that, but it was very good,  and well worth checking out.  If you can.

Obviously Hamilton follows the life and times of founding father Alexander Hamilton, and while its historical accuracy is not always the greatest, it is much closer to the truth than fellow historical musical The Greatest Showman.  It is a fun way to learn about a founding father that doesn’t get a lot of love.  Well until now that is, because he has an entire Broadway Musical about him.

Hamilton is not a show you go to for the crazy sets or special effects.  The floor can rotate in two different directions and the stairs can move around and that is about it.  What they have built is nice, but don’t expect any giant floating objects or crazy canon fights.  What you go to Hamilton for is the music, and that lives up to the hype.  It is great.  The first act is a bit better than the second, but the first act is so good that everything else kind of pales by comparison.

At this point it is almost impossible for Hamilton to live up to everyone’s expectations, but the music is amazing, and King George III steals the show whenever there is a lull.  Honestly, I would love a musical just about a whiney and petty King George III.  Anyway, if you can get tickets to Hamilton you should go.  If you can’t, take heart because a movie adaptation in on the way.