Shmee Plays Angry Birds: Star Wars 2!


With the success of Angry Birds: Star Wars it was only a matter of time before they made another one.  Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 brings the birds back to the Star Wars universe, but this time they are killing pigs in the prequel trilogy.

I was expecting the same game but with different characters, but Rovio surprised me and really put a ton of improvements in this game.  For starters you can now play as the pigs by doing the Pork Side quests, and as you gain points you can now use them to buy cheats by getting different birds and pigs in your level to make things easier.  They added a ton more unlockables and achievements as well, so there are multiple reasons to get the level just right.

If you are looking for a new time waster, Rovio really knocked this one out of the park, and it gets my recommendation.