Shmee Picks His Black Manta!


I am going to have to apologize up front.  Usually when I cast a character I have five choices, but with so many people already making either Marvel movies or DC movies I had to narrow my list down to three because everyone was already in something else.  Still with the announcement that the Aquaman’s most well known villain Black Manta would be in the new Aquaman film, I had to voice my opinion.  Here are my top three choices for Black Manta:

3: Denzel Washington


I know that he is 61 and he will be 62 by the time Aquaman starts filming, but he would add some weight and star power to the picture, and Denzel can do anything regardless of his age.  Put him in the suit and I wouldn’t stand in his way.

2: Jamie Foxx


His last outing as a superhero villain did not go well in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but he is a talented actor, and playing a more serious villain like Black Manta would play to his strengths.  He could definitely throw down with Jason Momoa.

1: Michael K. Williams


The fact that Michael K. Williams is not already working on a major comic book movie is crime, but he would be perfect for Black Manta.  If you doubt his acting chops check out Boardwalk Empire or The Wire and you will be sold.  No one would be safe underwater with Michael K. William’s Black Manta on the loose!

Those are my three choices for Black Manta!  What do you think?  Who would you pick to play opposite of Aquaman?