Shmee Made It To The Dark Tower

I told myself that I needed to finish Stephen King’s The Dark Tower books before the movie came out, and I did it, barely, so now that I am free to watch the movie, the reviews say that I should skip it.  Which is a bummer because the books are excellent, and people that love fantasy novels should give it a shot.

The series is as weird and crazy as you would hope a Stephen King fantasy series would be, and it is always fun to see his other characters show up in unexpected places.  Not that you need to read his other books to enjoy The Dark Tower.  He has had such a profound impact on pop culture that you will get a lot of the references by just having lived in the 20th and 21st centuries.

If you are thinking you need a few thousand pages to read and you are sick of all the current gritty fantasy books out there, why not travel with The Gunslinger to The Dark Tower.  Who knows it may just be your Ka to do so.

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