Shmee Hangs Out With African Cats!


African Cats is a nature documentary that came out in 2011. It is about a pride of lions and a litter of cheetahs.  If you like Disney’s nature docs than you will like this movie.  If you like a little more science in your nature documentaries you will be left wanting.

The movie follows a mother lion Layla and her cub Mara as they hunt and try and survive in the harsh African wilderness.  Meanwhile a cheetah mother Sita tries to do the same with her kittens.  The movie compares and contrasts the two techniques and lifestyles of these African Cats.

The problem I have with this movie is that they try and humanize the animals and tell a story instead of tell you about that cats, but the story they tell is cute and heartwarming if not super informative.

One of the major selling points for this film is how it looks on a high definition television.  The picture is absolutely stunning.  This is one of those Blu-Ray disks that prove the format is worthwhile.  It will not look this good on streaming video.

If you like cute stories about cats or a looking for a movie to try out your new TV, African Cats might be just the ticket.  If you are looking for a lot of information about the animals look elsewhere.