Shmee Asks Where’s My Mickey!


I have been playing a lot of phone games lately, so you are going to get another app review.  The game in question is Where’s My Mickey? by Disney Interactive.  If you have played Where’s My Water than you know what you are getting in to here, but if not read on.

Where’s My Mickey follows Mickey Mouse as he tries to accomplish various things like start a lemonade stand, but sadly the water never works, so you have to dig around in the sand and get the water to Mickey.

The game is fairly simple, but it is fun figuring out the puzzles.  The real draw here for me was to be able to play a game with the old school Mickey Mouse in it.  It is fun to see the mischievous old mouse getting in to a little trouble, and this game gives off that old Disney charm, except I am playing it on a current day mobile device.

Like I said before, to get the water to Mickey you have to draw holes in the sand to allow the water to get through.  You also get bonus points if you do this quickly, get all the water to Mickey, and activate all three stars in the level.  This rarely took more than a few tries to do, but it is quite addicting to make sure that you get everything.

There are also Goofy levels that you have to pay extra for, but for me it was $0.99 for the game and $0.99 for the extra levels, so it was well worth the $2.00.  Granted this was on a Windows Phone, so the prices on your platform may vary, but I cannot see it being much more than that.

If you are looking for a little game to pass some time, and one that is not frustratingly difficult Where’s My Mickey? may be just the game for you.  Especially if you are fan of Disney like myself.