Season Seven Was Game Of Thrones’ Most Satisfying And Frustrating Yet!

Season seven of Game of Thrones was the season that answered all the questions, pulled back all the curtains, and heading in to season eight, I am not sure how many twists the show has left.  This has led to some of Game of Thrones greatest moments, but it was in such a hurry to get to those moments it lost a lot of the long percolating intrigue that made the show so great in the first place.

Some people have complained that the show was in fast forward, and for me, that is not quite right.  Because in that scenario we still would have seen all those inter-personal moments, but just glossed over.  No, this was more like we were watching a story told people who read the CliffsNotes of the last two books.  As if they were trying to add some meat to the bones of a very small skeleton.  Which if the writers are to be believed, and they did indeed get their ideas for the last two seasons from George R. R. Martin, I guess that is exactly what they were doing.

However, those glorious moments the show did deliver, were worth the plotting issues, and having the questions we have been asking answered has been great.  It just seems that the show should have had thirty episodes left at the beginning of this season instead of thirteen.  Oh well, there are now only six episodes left, and I can’t wait for the real battle between fire and ice to begin!