Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII!


I was going to write about my favorite Disneyland rides today, but the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, and that is all that is on my mind, so even though I don’t talk about sports a lot you are going to have bare with me.  As a Seahawks fan I was ready to be on the edge of my seat moaning, wincing, and holding my breath, but instead Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos.  It was glorious!

For the last two weeks all we have heard about was the matchup between the best defense and the best offence, but because this offence was the best ever that they were going to win despite the old adage that defenses win championships.  Well the old adage proved true, and the Broncos looked like they were a college team playing an exhibition game against a pro team.  They just never looked comfortable, and the Seahawks cruised to victory.

I am sorry for non-Seahawks fans out there that must have hated watching this shellacking for four hours, but for us fans it was four hours of pure bliss.  I got to watch a game, and just be happy the whole time.  I will never forget it.

Congratulations to Malcolm Smith on winning the MVP!  He caught the game winning interception in the NFC Championship game and no one even talked about him.  Now that he got two turnovers in the Super Bowl, he is going to be remembered in Seattle for a long time.

I am still floating after watching the game, and even though I did nothing to help the Seahawks, I feel like I am king of the world today.  Congratulations Seahawks, and thanks for a wonderful season!