San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Wrap-Up!

Another Comic-Con is gone, and all it gave us was a ton of awesome trailers.  The Nerve!  Oh, wait that is totally rad!  I mean in the new Batman v Superman trailer (watch it here) we got to see Wonder Woman blow some stuff up.  If you were quick enough to watch the trailers before they got pulled you got to see Deadpool murder people and make jokes in a very Deadpool way and the Joker get creepy.  Both looked great.

Honestly Warner Bros. and Fox should know better and just release the trailers to the public.  They can’t want their movies’ first intro to the public to be crappy blurry cam shots can they?  We are all going to see it anyway, why fight us.  Embrace the 21st century and let us watch our superhero footage!  It is all we really want.  We just want to watch guys and gals in capes punch each other!  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t think so.

Instead of a new trailer Disney released a behind the scenes reel (shown above), and it all looked very exciting.  Especially Simon Pegg in an alien suit, so we will see where he turns up.  The practical effects look amazing; I just want to go roll around on their set.  I don’t care if I hate the heat (fat nerd syndrome) – I will make it work.

There is a lot, and I mean a lot of genre TV coming out, so if there was ever a doubt that geeky stuff is now mainstream, there isn’t now.  But the coolest news for me was that we learned that The Flash is going full on multi-dimensional by introducing Jay Garrick the Golden Age/Earth 2 Flash, so now instead of just time travel we have multiple earths.  Heck, I am in!

But the very best news of all, the news that I am happiest about:  Pacific Rim 2 starts filming at the end of this year.  So excited!  I loves me some giant robot, that isn’t the abomination that is the Bayformers, action.  My top news was almost that they are making a Green Lantern Corps movie, but since that isn’t until 2020 it is hard to get too excited about it (though I am pretty excited).

That is my wrap-up, what did you guys like from this year’s show?

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