No Man’s Sky Is Finally Done, But Will It Be Fun?


After years of development the largest game ever made is complete.  The question is will No Man’s Sky be fun?  There has been so much hype surrounding this game that it has been almost inescapable, but all the hype has been pretty much saying it will be good because of how massive it is.  I don’t care about how big it is, I just want a fun space sim to replace Freelancer (I have been waiting a long time).

My fear with this game is that it will be so big that even if I do end up playing on the same server as my friends, will I even ever see them?  The answer seems to be, “Unlikely”.  So we have to hope that flying around and exploring is fun enough without ever talking to or seeing another living soul.  There are rumors that the game’s focus is about finding our way back home to the center of the galaxy, so maybe once you get home the game’s multiplayer opens up because we are all in a much more confined area.  We will see I guess.

Between Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen my hope is that I can stop pining for a game that was and start playing a game that is.  I have been let down in the past with space sims, and it is making me skeptical of all the space sims that are coming out.  That being said, I really want No Man’s Sky to be good, and we only have about thirty more days to find out if it lives up to the hype or not.