Need a new router? Get the Asus RT-N66U


Is your home wireless lagging and disconnecting all the time?  Is the range like four feet from the router? Then you should look into the Asus RT-N66U.  Its younger brother the RT-AC66U just came out, so that means this router is suddenly affordable.

I have never had a router that sets up this easily.  You just plug it in and the first time you launch your web browser it starts the guided setup, and if you are more advanced in your skills there are all sorts of fun things you can do: setup a guest wireless network, install custom ROMs and firmware, use it as printer and file server, VPN, quality of service, and more.  The range is fantastic, I can see my network around the neighborhood, and it works with all the new 5Ghz wireless devices.

The bad points of this router are it doesn’t work on the new ultra fast AC wireless spec, for that you will need to shell out an extra $80 on the RT-AC66U, but chances are you don’t have any AC devices anyway, and you will want to upgrade your firmware as soon as you set this router up, since I hear the earlier firmware was a bit buggy, and didn’t support IPv6, and the new firmware has automatic QOS to help out your video streaming devices.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I love this router, and I am blown away how much better everything connected to it works, and as an added plus it looks cool too.

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