MST3K Is Back On Netflix And I Watched Time Chasers To Prove It!

Oh how I have missed MST3K not being on any of my streaming media accounts, but that ends now!  Some classic MST3K episodes are now on Netflix, including Manos: The Hands of Fate, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Eegah, and Time Chasers!  This of course is the lead up to the new MST3K episodes coming out in April, but I will take all the MST3K that I can get!  To celebrate this wonderful occasion I watched Time Chasers.

Time Chasers is about a guy who turns his crappy plane in to a Time Machine, and then sells it to an evil corporation.  Who in turn destroys the world, so he has to go back to before he sells the time machine to set everything right again.  Also, the movie was filmed in Vermont.  Which I have been lead to believe is important.

Pretty much everything about Time Chasers is bad, but not in that nothing happens kind of way, which makes it perfect for MST3K.  The show also includes a fun set of sketches about the robots going back in time to stop Mike from getting a temp job as a janitor, so he will not get shot in to space.  It kind of works.

Time Chasers is very funny episode, though for me it ranks in the middle of the pack.  It is definitely one of the best Pearl and Mike episodes though.  If your life has been lacking MST3K, it is time to let it back in, and I couldn’t be happier!  These classic episodes will make the thirty day wait for the new episodes much easier.