It Hurts Me That A Season Of Voltron: Legendary Defender Is Only 12 Episodes Long!

I finished Voltron: Legendary Defender season two last week and I instantly wanted more.  The series is sooo good.  I know that since Voltron is being made by the same people that did Avatar: The Legend of Korra, I shouldn’t be surprised, but with the show being this great it is hard only getting twelve episodes a season.  I mean with the old Voltron there were like 52 episodes a season.  Sure it was hot garbage, but there was a lot of it!

I should be grateful that this childhood property was brought back with such love and care, but this the era of complaining for no good reason, and I want more Voltron dang it!  In twelve excruciatingly long months I will get another twelve episodes.  It is just so long to be without something so good.  Annnnyyywayyy, if you haven’t watched Voltron: Legendary Defender yet, you should.  It is okay.