I Gave Joel McHale Money For A Book He Kind Of Wrote!

I know it shocks some of you, but sometimes I read books.  You just don’t know about it because most them are in a series, and it seems odd to review the twelfth book in a set.  Anyway, I recently finished, “Thanks for the Money: How to Use My Life Story to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be!”.  If you can believe it, it is satirical self help book based on the life of comedian and actor Joel McHale.

It is about Joel complaining that he doesn’t make enough money, so he hires ghostwriters to write a book to make him more cash, and apparently if we follow his life, we will be just as moderately successful as he is.  Seems reasonable.  I will not need to get as many hair plugs as he did though.

It is a pretty funny book.  It seems to know I have a weakness for witty footnotes, and this book contains a lot of them.  It is a quick read at barely over 300 pages, and quite a few of those are pictures.  It also contains a lot of info about his parents … you know what I am not going to spoil it.  Just be ready for anything.

If you like Joel “Soup Man” McHale (I am not sure he would like that name), you will probably like this book.  It is full of his biting sarcastic persona.  I know I enjoyed myself.  You will probably only be disappointed if you really wanted to buy a self help book to be more like Joel McHale.