I Complete the Book of Deacon Trilogy

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Not that long ago I reviewed the book The Book of Deacon by Joseph R. Lalio, and I was quite impressed, so I decided to finish the trilogy.  I am glad I did, and they wrap up the story quite nicely.

They continue to follow Myranda Celeste as she attempts to track down and help the Chosen end the great war and save the earth, and she has become a very capable wizard in the process.

In the second book of the series The Great Convergence we meet the rest of the Chosen, Lain the Malthrope (fox man) assassin, Ether the shape-shifter, Eve a sort of Mathrope, Myranda herself, and one more that I am not going to give away.  This book wanders a little, but there is plenty of action and character building, and we get to learn more about the evil Generals of the Northern Alliance that are keeping this war going.

The third book The Battle of Verril obviously brings it all together in quite an epic fashion.  Tons of action and magic all over the place, and you get to learn much more about all the characters as they continue their quest.  Do they defeat the Generals and stop the war?

Lalio has done a great job with this series, and I am glad that my indie bundle gave me all three of these books.  I will definitely be looking in to his other work.  You can find his books on Amazon or anywhere else indie books are sold.