Hopefully The Walking Dead Season 7 Will Be Known As The Lost Season!

Hey do you like shows where things happen, people grow, and mysteries form?  Well then you shouldn’t watch The Walking Dead Season 7.  It was sooo booooring.  We all knew the whole season that Rick’s gang would get all the settlements together to battle the Saviors, but they managed to do it in the slowest and least interesting way possible.

It starts out with Rick lost and unsure.  Only knowing that if he gets stuff for Negan that his people will live.  It turns out his people hate that idea, so they keep getting killed anyway, or at the very least talked to by Negan for long amounts of time.  Which is like getting killed.  We did loose a few people we didn’t care about.  This goes on for the first half of the season.  It is slow and dumb.  Then the second half is about Rick finding guns and people to fight Negan.  This is also slow and dumb.

Finally in the last episode they fight Negan, kind of, but of course Negan gets away, so I am guessing they are going to build up for a full season again until the ‘war’ happens.  Sure the last episode was fun because something actually happened, and it showed what this series is capable of, but it was terrible that we had to wait through the entire season to get there.

I am hopping that the producers are listening to their fans and their dwindling viewer numbers and start doing something interesting.  That way we can all just forget that season seven ever happened.  It was bad, and worse still, bad in the most boring way possible.  Please get interesting again The Walking Dead!