Get Creeped Out By The Conjuring!


I don’t watch many horror movies.  I can probably count the number of them I watch every year on one hand, but The Conjuring was supposed to be one of the best horror movies from last year, so when my friend asked me to watch it with him I agreed.  I am happy that I did because for the first two thirds of this film it really delivers the chills.

The story is based on the case files of the real-life self-proclaimed Demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) Warren.  Who are trying to help the Perron family deal with the haunted house they are living in.  The Warren’s must race to deal with this spirit before it kills the Perrons.

There have been about eight billion haunted house movies made, and I am pretty sure that I am not exaggerating, but as a credit to the writers, the 1970’s non-funny Ghostbusters feel of this movie keeps it fresh.  The fact that these were all real people does make it that much more scary as well.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga play the Warrens just right.  They are skeptical of people when they need to be, and they are sympathetic true believers the rest of the time.  They made the Warrens feel like real people.  Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor play the very frightened Mr. and Mrs. Perron to a tee.  They are scared and confused just like anyone would be in this situation.

The eerie imagery this movie delivers was always putting me ill at ease, and I was constantly trying to convince the people on screen that they were doing the wrong thing, but they just didn’t want to listen.  To be fair, stupid movie people never listen to me.  This movie might be worth it just to see the horrifying objects that the prop crew found and came up with.

The only problem with this movie is towards the end when we get a good look at the being that has been scaring us the whole time.  It is a let down because it is not half as terrifying as what has been in our heads, but still the first part of this movie is so good that it is easy to forgive a small slip up at the end.

If you are looking for something to give you chills, The Conjuring delivers.  It has creepy imagery and a fresh take on a very well trod premise.  I probably don’t need to see another haunted house movie for awhile, but I can only hope that when I do that they find a way to top The Conjuring.