Geoff Johns Broke My Heart!


So according to Geoff Johns confirmed what I had been hearing for awhile now, and that is that the DC Movie Universe and the DC TV Universe will not be crossing over with each other at all.  It kind of makes sense because it frees both groups up to do what they want with the characters, but I can’t help but be disappointed.  It would have been so much fun to have the superheroes on TV interacting with the ones on the big screen.

I guess the one upside of all this is that even if the movie is trash it will not affect the good work the TV people are doing.  It is just a shame we will not see the Oliver Queen we have all come to know and love up on the big screen kicking but and taking names.  Though maybe that means we will get some more mainline comic book characters getting their own shows in the future! (Shmee crosses his fingers for a Stargril show!)

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