Game Of Thrones Is Back!


It seems like it has been off the air for forever, but Game of Thrones is back.  Season four kicked off predictably by just showing us where most of the main characters are.  Nothing too exciting happens, but it was nice to see everyone again.  I think the only characters left out of this show were Bran, Hodor and crew, but I am sure we will see much more of them in the episodes to come.

The basic feeling I got from this episode, is that if you have liked what Game of Thrones has offered so far, than you will get more of the same.  I think for most viewers that is quite alright.

The biggest downer of the night was that HBO Go crashed again on probably the biggest premier in the channel’s history.  Considering this happens a lot, I think that HBO is going to have to invest more in to their cloud infrastructure.  Still with The Walking Dead off the air, I am glad that Game of Thrones is back.