Dredd Day of Action Update!


Well the Dredd Day of Action has come and gone, and I thought I would give a quick update of what I saw.

Dredd climbed to at least #6 on the Amazon Blu-Ray charts in the USA, and it hit #1 overall in the jolly old UK, and considering how long it has been out, that is quite a feet.

Dredd did not crack the top 100 on DVD in the USA on Amazon’s charts, but it is now on delayed processing and the price has gone up $2, so it must have sold quite a few copies.  It did hit #5 overall in the UK on Amazon’s charts.

It may be a month or two before we find out just how many copies of the movie were sold, but it was enough to at least get the movie visible on the home video store fronts on Amazon for awhile.

Dredd is now one of the most watched movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so it looks like people are taking the time to watch it if not own it.

It was fun to see the Brits really get behind one of their major super heroes, and hopefully this Day of Action sold enough copies to get it back in the public eye and given the movie executives enough money to think about Dredd 2.