Defend Against Zombies in State of Decay!


State of Decay came out on Xbox 360 yesterday, and it is developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios.  Since the game just came out, this is more of an initial impressions instead of a review, but the impressions are great!

For those of you that don’t know State of Decay is a zombie survival game.  You have to find food, water, medicine, and other supplies, and rescue people with the skills you need to say fix cars, cook food, or provided medical services.  You take houses and fortify them so you can survive the zombies at your door.

The game is completely open world, and you save who you want, and you may not want to save them all because some people have draw backs like bad attitudes that ruin moral, or diseases that will eat up your medicine, but if they have a skill you want it may be worth it, but when people die they die for good, including your character.

This game is a ton of fun.  Doing quests and looking for more resources keeps you engaged, I started playing this game and quickly lost a couple hours, and it has that ‘I just need to do this one last thing’ addictiveness that is wonderful in a game like this.

There are some drawbacks.  The graphics are not the greatest, and the combat is a little wooden, and I think they made the draw distances just a little to far out, so the game can lag a little when you are driving in places with a lot houses and stuff going on, but the game is so addictive those are just minor things.

This game feels like you are playing The Walking Dead, and the stakes are just as high, so if that sounds like fun to you, and it is, then this game is for you.  Though I know some of you may want to wait for the PC version with the mod kit, but who wants to wait when you can play it now.

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