Deadpool Is On Its Way To Being The Biggest X-Men Movie Of All Time And That Scares Me!


Deadpool’s amazing success has been a surprise to just about everyone.  As of right now it has made almost $500 worldwide in just its second weekend.  It only needs about $250 million more to pass X-Men: Days of Future Past to become the largest grossing X-Men movie ever.  Since the movie only cost $58 million to make it has already generated about $150 million in profit just two weeks in.  That is almost unheard of for a movie.  This is a scary situation.

I think studio executives are going to try and create more ‘Deadpool’ movies, and I don’t just mean sequels (though we are sure to get tons of them).  I mean cheaply made ‘R’-rated ‘funny’ superhero flicks.  I bet they are going to pull out all the weird dudes out of the closet.  I am sure Lobo has been greenlit without a script.  What they should be taking from Deadpool’s success isn’t that people want raunchy superheroes, but that they want original superheroes.

People love comic book heroes right now, but they don’t want to see the same movie over and over again, and Deadpool was a great relief to the never-ending Avengers storyline.  With Deadpool we got to see a ‘hero’ unlike any other, so superhero movie houses should be looking for more original heroes, or at least be looking for ways to change up their storylines, not just to recreate Deadpool.  I am worried because I am enjoying the superhero movie golden age, and I would hate for greedy executives to bring it to end with a glut of bad ‘R’-rated flicks.