Community Stays Weird With Season 6!


Well Community is back on the air!  Well not on the air, but on the internet, and not in the usually places like Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes.  Nope, it is on Yahoo!.  I guess things people thought were dead like to live together.  Actually Community is Yahoo!’s big push to become a TV media streaming giant like Hulu, or at least Vimeo.  We will see, but as long as it has Community every Tuesday they have at least one viewer…err streamer.

This season picks up directly after season 5.  Greendale has been saved from becoming a Subway college, and Jeff and the gang are trying to clean up all the little loose ends.  Sadly they forgot about the pile of Frisbees on the roof, so the Dean needs to hire a new Administrative Consultant (Paget Brewster).  She is not super keen on keeping Greendale weird, so obviously the group is against her.  Will she prevail, or will she be converted to the wonderful weird ways of Greendale?  Watch and find out.  It is free after all.

It is a shame the cast has lost yet another member in Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley), but there are hints she may be back for at least a few episodes, and it looks like the group will still be up to its usual shenanigans which is fun.  Some people might be turned off now that Yahoo! has freed Dan Harmon to go full on crazy with his sitcom, but I think it is shaping up to be a wonderful season.  I am also quite happy to be promoting good original programming on the internet, since that is the future after all, and the sooner we start to embrace it, the better.  Much like the weirdness of Greendale.