Watch Out For Trigger Warnings!


You know what is better than one Neil Gaiman story?  Several Neil Gaiman stories.  Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances is his latest collection of short stories, and like everything else he does it is pretty darn good.  There isn’t really a theme with this collection, other than that tales are short and untrue, but they are so fun I think we can forgive Mr. Gaiman this one time.

The stories range from horror to mystery to Sci-Fi and all parts in between: There is a Dr. Who tale, a nice Sherlock Holms mystery, a spin-off of American Gods, his Sleeping Beauty revamp The Sleeper and the Spindle, and the rest of the tales I would say fit nicely in Gaiman’s fantastical light horror box.  The size of the stories range quite a bit in size as well from a couple of pages to a couple of chapters.

While some stories are better than others (obviously) the quality of all of them is quite high, and he can create worlds and in a few paragraphs that other authors would struggle with for chapters.  I had forgotten how much I like short fiction.  The story can hit you and then disappear leaving your imagination to fill in the rest.  Unlike longer works which do their best to fill in all the gaps.  It is the gaps that stick with you allowing your mind to wander and play long after you have finished reading.

I am guessing you a figured out that this book has earned my recommendation, but there was hardly a doubt that it would considering my love for the author.  Biases aside Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances is a fun book that is worthy of your time, and since it is a collection you can read it in little sips which is kind of a rarity these days.  Neil Gaiman has produced another gem.