The Best Thing About Sherlock Is That It Is Short!

You know what I love about Sherlock?  Every season you can watch the whole thing in three days!  It is great.  You don’t need to devote a lot of time to it, so it is easy to keep up.  There is nothing better than being up to date on a hit show, and if you haven’t seen Sherlock at all, you can watch the entire series in a week or two.

Even better, it is a pretty good show.  Season four has some issues.  It relied more on twists than mystery, but considering I only had to invest four and half hours it is hard to be that mad.  If they had plodded those twists out over sixteen episodes The Walking Dead style, I may have been.

As it is there is no reason not to watch Sherlock.  It is short and sweet (in a murder-y kind of way).  The only agonizing part is that since the stars are so busy you never know when the next season is coming out.  They have committed to season five, but we probably will not see it until 2020, so lucky you, you have three years to catch up.