The Apricorn DriveWire USB 2.0 Something Everyone Should Have!


Most people do not have tools for their computers, but I propose everyone should have this one.  You might not know from looking at it, but the Apricorn DriveWire USB 2.0 is a universal hard-drive to USB adapter.

The reason you need it is that at some point if you own a computer, of any make or brand, it will die, or the hard-drive will start acting up, and this little dongle will allow you to either hook your old hard-drive up to you new computer or clone you current hard-drive to upgrade painlessly.

If you can use a screw driver and put a CD in to the CD-ROM drive you can make this thing work.  I have used it at least a dozen times, and I am sure that I will use it again in the future.  Don’t have a CD-ROM anymore?  That is okay you can download the software from their website and put it on a USB stick.

These things have got me out of jams more then once, and for the low price of about $35 why would you not get one?  Unless you like that thought of loosing all you data on your hard-drive.  Here is a link to Amazon for you.

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  1. We have another brand of these at Lloyd’s Electronics in Lynden that works just as well, I can attest to their hardiness.

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