Someone At Marvel TV Needs To Watch DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow!

For the most part Marvel’s Netflix shows have been pretty great.  Yes there have been some downer moments, but most of the time Netflix/Marvel has delivered a quality product.  However, the fight scenes on the shows have started go down hill, and nowhere was this more apparent than The Defenders.  This should have been the show where they pulled out all the stops, but instead it was generally just four people fighting in the dark next to each other.  There were a few decent one on one fights, but the group together was pretty meh, and getting the gang together was the whole point of this show.

Now on the other hand DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can sometimes have some pretty meh storylines, but holy heck, a few times a season the fight scenes are just crazy awesome.  Granted on Legends of Tomorrow there are a lot of heroes with different fighting styles and powers, while The Defenders mostly just kick stuff, but still, they could have found a way to feature them all in a better light (or just in the light).

Look, I believe in the writing team behind the Marvel Netflix shows, but they need to find a new fight coordinator, or at least one that watches some of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  I just want the action in the shows to be as good as the story telling.