Shmee Is Happy To Be Mister Rogers’ Neighbor!

‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ is just the kind of movie we need today.  It follows the life of a man who believed that if we just treat each other with kindness and learned to properly deal with our feelings that the world will be a better place.  This man of course was Fred Rogers, and he delivered his message to children through his prolific show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

If you are looking for an in depth portrayal of Fred Rogers life, you may be a little disappointed with ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’.  It mainly deals with his career, and it primarily gets its information from the people who loved him most.  However, I am not sure how many people there could be that didn’t love him, so to get an opposing viewpoint would probably be difficult.

The main question this film is asking is: “Was Fred Rogers the same loving man in real life that he was on TV for several generations of kids?”  And the answer is unequivocally, yes.  Which is reassuring.  It is nice to watch a movie that is simply about a good man, who set out to do good, and did it.  It makes me wish he was around today.

There is not a lot to review with ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’.  If you want to know more about the man who wore zip-up sweaters and sang songs about emotions, it is the film for you.  Even if you didn’t like or watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, it is still worth learning about a man wanted share love and help children grow, without an ulterior motive.  To let us all know that we are special, and worthy of love and respect, just the way we are, and that so is every one else.  We are all neighbors.