Hitman Developer IO Interactive Is Now Independent!

Square-Enix announced a while ago that they were trying to sell off IO Interactive in order to recoup the losses that the studio generated.  It was a sad tale for a studio that created one of last year’s best games.  However, this morning things got a lot rosier.  IO Interactive posted a letter on its website stating that the developer was now independent, and that it retained all rights to the Hitman franchise!

This is awesome news!  Season One of Hitman was great, and I hope they are able to get to work quickly on Season Two or Hitman’s follow up.  I will be here cash in hand.  Good luck newly independent IO Interactive!  We are pulling for you!

Wonder Woman Is Having An Incredable Box-Office Run!

Remember when I said Wonder Woman was avoiding the massive day to day drops of the other DC Extended Universe films?  Well it turns out that she is avoiding the massive weekend to weekend drops as well.  In the blockbuster era any weekend to weekend drop of less than 55% is good.  Wonder Woman only dropped 43% for an impressive haul of $58.5 Million in its second weekend.  Marvel is probably kicking itself for not making that Black Widow movie.

There has been so much pent up demand for a good female superhero movie that Wonder Woman’s run is making film executives look like idiots.  Luckily for DC they already have Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens in pre-production.  Not to mention Wonder Woman 2 has no doubt been fast tracked.  Marvel still only has Captain Marvel on the schedule, but it hasn’t even finished its script.  Though I am guessing Wonder Woman’s success will set off a female superhero arms race.  Marvel has a lot of them, so it is time for them to come out shine with the ladies from DC.

E3 2017 Continues!

I think it is time for the PC Gaming show to come to an end.  It is long and boring and the hosts try very hard to make everything seem exciting, but it is not.  Some of the games they showed were interesting like Griftlands:

Still the games shown at the PC Gaming Show could have just as easily been shown at another showcase.  Though hats of to Microsoft for saving them the Age of Empires Definitive Edition.  It looks great.

The company that was really swinging for the fences though was Ubisoft.  They announced a Mario tactics game, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (AKA Mario XCOM), and they finally showed us all a glimpse of where they are headed with Beyond Good & Evil 2:

Though this trailer did leave a lot of people confused because it looks like it will be a radical departure from the first game.  And even more confusing because it is a prequel, but it still has a ‘2’ in the title.   Still, it is exciting to see that it truly does exist and that people are really working on it.  Even if it does have all the Ubisoft buzzwords attached to it, open world, co-op, and game as a service.

Sony closed out the second major day of E3 (third if you count the EA showcase, but I am not), and as always they know how to put on a great show.  Trailers for all their major first party games were on display, and they all looked great.  Shadow of the Colossus is coming back again, and who doesn’t want more Uncharted.  Though the big news for me was Monster Hunter World, but not for the reason Sony wanted, but because it is coming to the Xbox and PC as well.  I will leave you the way Sony left us, with Insomniac’s Batman Spider-Man:

Let me know your thoughts about this year’s E3 showcases, or what games you are interested to hear more about.

Shmee Watched A Couple Of E3 Presentations Last Night!

First up I watched the Microsoft show, and you can tell that after they got ripped four years ago for focusing on TV and movies that all they will ever talk about from now on is games.  It was trailer after trailer.  I am guessing with the PS4 winning the console war this generation they wanted reassure everyone that the Xbox would have plenty of games to play too.  There is even one for The Paladin.  It is a first person space dwarf mining and shooting simulator from the people that made Goat Simulator called Deep Rock Galactic.  Here is the trailer:

Of course Microsoft finally dropped the name and price of their new box.  It is the Xbox One X and it will come out November 7th for $499.  While I get that ‘X’ matches the Xbox branding, it sounds the same as ‘S’ when anyone says it, so it causes a lot of confusion as to which console people are talking about.  It is also interesting that Microsoft is again going to be $100 more than the PS4.  Though I am guessing all that hardware costs a lot of money.  I mean it is the first water cooled console that I can remember.  The 360 was supposed to be, and after the $1 Billion Red Ring of Death controversy they probably wish they would have followed through on that.

The biggest announcement by far was that Original Xbox games were coming to Xbox One this year starting with Crimson Skies.  I must have given my copy away, but this is great news.  I can only hope that this means they are turning on some form of the OG Xbox Live service so we can play these games with our friends.  More info is coming soon, and I cannot wait to hear more.

All in all it was fine show.  They gave us Mixer.com viewers a free copy of Rare Replay, so that was nice.  The games looked good, if not overly exciting, and they confirmed that Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 would be delayed to next year, which is a bummer.  I will be getting an Xbox One X though.

Next up I watched the Bethesda show which was ummm, well, if the Xbox show was unexciting the Bethesda show  was a waste of time.  It was only thirty-five minutes long and mostly showed trailers for games that were already out.  Though at the very end they did announce The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II, and the later looked great!  Here is its trailer:

If you were hoping for a new open world RPG like I was, well guess what there wasn’t one, so I hope you like the ones you have, because now you will have paid Mods that don’t break your achievements!  Sorry I should take back the exclamation point and replace it with “…”  Ugg, who cares.  Anyway lets hope today’s E3 shows show us something mind meltingly cool!

Shmee Casts Batgirl!

After Joss Whedon puts the finishing touches on Justice League he will turn his full attention to Batgirl, so since he is busy getting the League all squared away I thought I would cast his star for DC’s next solo female superhero adventure!  Here are my top pics!

5: Chloë Grace Moretz

She has already dabbled in the superhero genre with the Kick-Ass films, so we know she can pull off the action, and thanks to 30 Rock we know she can nail down Batgirl’s quirky sense of humor.  She is a well rounded and talented young actor.

4: Emily Kinney

While she never really got to be the zombie murdering machine we know she was capable of in The Walking Dead, she did show she could keep up an amazing cast and even steal quite a few scenes for herself.  The Walking Dead has been worse without her, but I think Batgirl could be better with her.

3: Saoirse Ronan

Just because I have no idea how to say her name doesn’t mean the star of the action thriller Hanna wouldn’t be perfect for Batgirl.  I mean Hanna already showed she has what it takes.  She has been doing a bunch of indie stuff lately, so it would be great for her to step back in to the mainstream.

2: Jane Levy

Jane has been in a lot of smaller stuff, but the Suburgatory/Twin Peaks star just looks like Barbara Gordon.  I mean just put the mask over the picture above and it is Batgirl come to life!

1: Rose Leslie

I know I already cast her to be Poison Ivy, but she was John Snow’s Batgirl on Game of Thrones, and again she looks a lot like Barbra.  Not to mention since Batman is older it would make sense to have Batgirl be in her 30’s as well.

Well those are my picks for Batgirl, so of course they are the best picks.  Who do you think should wear the purple and yellow?