Let’s Watch Some Trailers Today!

First up the new Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer!

For the most part this trailer just gives us a better look at what we have seen before: a longer chat with Tony, a longer glimpse at what happens on the ferry, more Michael Keaton, and more time with Peter’s best friend.  All in all it looks pretty good, though nothing knocked my socks off.

Next up the first official Justice League trailer!

I know this came out a couple of days ago, but sometimes things move a little slow on my blog.  This trailer pretty much features all the footage from last year’s Comic Con, but with better editing and more Aquaman.  Which is great because Aquaman steals the show.  Finally a DC superhero that looks like he is having fun!  I thought that it was going to be up to Barry to deliver all the jokes, but it turns out Arthur has a sense of humor too.  Other than that, this movie uses the same blue and brown color pallet as Batman V Superman, so I am sure that will disappoint quite a few fans.  It is a good trailer, but not a great one, and trailers have never been a problem for Warner Brothers.  Scripts on the other hand…