Get In The Ring With GLOW!

Netflix continues to churn out the hits with GLOW.  It is hard to keep up with all the new programming that Netflix produces, but I think GLOW is worth paying attention to.  It is a fictionalized account of the creation the real G.L.O.W. which was on the air from 1986-1990, and the dramedy manages to be both funny and poignant.  Though I don’t think it will be for everybody.

Any time I watch historical fiction, I like to see if there is any truth to it, and sadly in GLOW’s case the story on screen is nothing like what really happened.  It is still really good, but just don’t expect to be an actual expert on G.L.O.W after watching GLOW.  In the Netflix Show’s case, it is about a group of struggling actresses trying to find work, and not just work, but also something other than playing secretaries and waitresses, so they go to a gym to give wrestling a try.  Of course no one takes them seriously.  Women’s wrestling in the 80’s was a joke, so they have to train hard while overcoming one obstacle after another.

The actors they got for GLOW are all top notch.  Alison Brie plays her role as Ruth, a ‘good girl’ learning to be a heel, perfectly.  Though with her resume that is hardly a surprise.  Then the rest of the ladies just come in and add more depth and character.  The few gents in this show deliver as well.

Since this show is by the creators of Orange is the New Black expect GLOW to be for adults only, and it takes a while for it to find its feet, but once it does it is very engaging.  Now I want to go out and watch some wrestling!  Just kidding, wrestling still isn’t my thing, but GLOW, a show about some ladies kicking butt in the 80’s, definitely was.