Game Of Thrones Has A Hero Problem!


Well Game of Thrones season five has come and gone.  It was a very controversial season, and one that will not be soon forgotten.  Like the seasons before it was boring until it was exhilarating, and then it was shocking.  They have their formula down pat.  They have a problem now though.  Small spoilers here, so watch out.  There are almost no heroes left.  They have actively punished or killed them all.  While it makes sense that perhaps the show is winding down, so they need to trim up the cast a bit, but it is going to be hard to watch when there is almost no one worth rooting for.

We will see if season six can give us someone to get behind, but pretty much the Mother of Dragons is the Seven Kingdom’s and the show’s last hope.  There is no one else left that we care about.  True they could bring some people back to life, but that would cheapen the deaths of other characters and make us wonder why they aren’t walking around.

The writing staff at HBO is going to have to take a long hard look at what they have left, and write something amazing for the next season, or they may start to loose viewers as well as characters.  If all the fans have left is the villains than that is not a show many people really want to watch.  Not one that I would want to watch anyway.  There is plenty of other TV to keep me busy.