Downton Abbey Is Over! Where Will I Go For My 1920’s Fashion Fix!


There are two ways to end a show: try to go out with a bang (and unless you are Breaking Bad usually fail), or wrap everything up with a pretty bow.  Downton Abbey went with the pretty bow option, and it was a lovely bow at that.  The final episode was pretty much fan wish fulfilment.  Everyone got a happy ending.  Well pretty much everyone, we don’t know about Tom, but screw Tom nobody likes him anyway.  I kid, I kid, I love Tom, and he gets his cars to play with.  Plus his whole role this season was to be Mary’s Jiminy Cricket, and I think he was successful Mary is now a real girl.  It is a miracle!

It is a shame that this show never really showed the true downfall of the Edwardian era.  It was only alluded to by looking at what had happened to other great houses.  Instead we got to watch a family overcome it all, and not only that thrive in the end.  Which is kind of disingenuous.  There should have been some major consequences. Still after following a family and their staff for six years it was heartwarming to see them all well and taken care of.  If you are going go for the happy ending there is something to be said for going all in.  No half measures as they say.  Downton Abbey’s ending was sugary sweet, but I guess after six seasons the family deserved a treat.  Now I will have to find some other show to fill the period drama sized hole in my TV rotation, but I fear whatever I fill it with will not be as good or as well executed as Downton Abbey.