Downton Abbey Is Back For One Last Year!


The sixth and final season has begun for Downton Abbey!  It looks like the much promised change and rise of the middle class will finally hit the show this year, so we will see how the Granthams deal with the end of the Edwardian era.  Honestly it seems like we have been waiting for this to happen since the show began, but it looks we will finally see the fall of aristocracy, well lower Lord and Ladies anyway.  We can only hope that Tom comes back from America to say, “I told you so!”.

I will say that my biggest concern is what will happen to all the staff when all the jobs they have trained for all their lives disappear.  The Granthams will be just fine I am sure since the show always seems to let them out of their troubles, with the exception of killing them off from time to time.  I hope this last tour of Downton Abbey is a good one.