Craigslist Versus eBay!






I have been asked several times about which reselling website I like more Craigslist or eBay, but like most things in life it is not as simple as which one I like more.  They are both tools, and like all tools I use them for different things.

Since you can post just about whatever you want on Craigslist and there are no fees, and I do mean whatever you want, Craigslist is perfect for seeing if anyone out there wants my media center (it turns out they did not).  That being said it really only works well for local markets.  Plus you are always a little worried that the person you are selling to is going to stab you.

eBay on the other hand has a few hoops you have to jump through to get your goods posted, and there is a fee for just about everything you do, but your product now reaches a global market.  That super collectable Barbie doll is probably going to get you a lot more money on eBay, and it is nice that PayPal is in between and will handle disputes for you.

Here is how I use both sites:  If I am just trying to get rid of something without going to the dump or it is too big to ship, I use Craigslist; If I want to make some actual money off what I am selling, I use eBay, and if I am looking to buy something, I check both sites.

Both Craigslist and eBay are very useful ways to offload your junk.  I prefer to use eBay because I know that I can complain to PayPal if something goes wrong, but the simplicity of Craigslist is very nice.  I hope you liked this little write-up.  Now get out there and make some extra money of your old garbage!