Looks Like 2016’s Xbox One Game Lineup May Be Just As Good As This Year’s!

Three big games just got trailers at Gamescom 2015! First up the often talked about Quantum Brake which will be coming out April 2016!

Then Platinum Games is brining the very interesting Scalebound with four player dragon co-op!


Then the game I have always wanted Crackdown 3!

That is pretty great exclusive lineup!  Looks like there will be plenty of games to play for the next couple of years!

Bethesda May Have Dropped The Bomb Of E3…


The bomb that Fallout 4 is coming out this fall!  November 10th to be exact.  They have been working on this game for six years, so I guess it is possible, but to go from announcing a game to releasing it in less than six months?  Especially a game of this magnitude.  That is crazy!  Crazy amazing though!  The future of my 2015 is sure to be full of Super Mutants.

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I didn’t watch anything, and I am still reading a book and playing a video game, so nothing to share with you today, except that I am not sharing anything with you, so I am kind of share something, but not anything worth reading, so I am sorry if you have read this really long and pointless sentence.