Arrow and The Flash’s Seasons Need To Be Shorter!


I finally finished watching the rest of Arrow (there are a lot of games to play so sue me!), and it was a great ending!  Full of action and crazy stuff happening, but the rest of the season was uneven to put it mildly.  The show just had so much filler that by the time I got to the final few episodes I was pretty apathetic about the whole thing.  Thankfully watching them all in a row at the end helped me get back in to it.  To stop this from happening they need to gut Arrow and The Flash.

One villain for 23 episodes is just too much, so they need to either introduce more major villains a season, or they need to cut the episode count down to 10-12.  Add Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow in to the mix, and the CW has a lot of DC shenanigans going on.  Make all those shows 12 episodes and then run Legends after The Flash ends and Supergirl after Arrow is over and then the CW will still have enough programing for its channel, but the shows’ storylines will not have to suffer due to their bloated length.

I guess they could hire more and better writers to solve this problem too, but it just seems to me that it would make things easier to have less show for the villains to mustache twirl their way through, or heaven forbid fill time with lonely island Oliver flashbacks.  Maybe I am crazy, but I just want Arrow and The Flash to be better and more focused, and I think less episodes would help that out.  Maybe I am expecting too much of the CW, but we can always hope that things get better.