The Paladin Post-PAX Write-up

As Shmee has so ably done already, I’d like to share a few thoughts about PAX Prime 2015. Like anything, PAXen have an ebb and flow, bountiful years and lean years, the best of times and the worst of times. This year seemed to be one of the lean years, at least for me. The games on the show floor or in the tabletop rooms were all great, but there wasn’t that new exciting thing, that stand-out game that I left the show either in my arms or earmarked in my bank account for when it released.

Sure I played  Tom Clancy’ The Division and I enjoyed it, but the game play we got to experience wasn’t the gameplay that drew me to the game in the first place. Fortified, a game I loved last year, was also great and more refined but it didn’t do anything to move the needle (but it didn’t drop either). I even played Netrunner and after twenty minutes kinda liked it, sorta, maybe??.

The thing I realized looking back at PAX this year was that there wasn’t that one unifying thing or fun event that marked PAX Prime 2015 – last year it was RPG’s for instance. This year was more smaller, less exciting events strung together to make a decent outing, but ultimately a less memorable PAX.

Not to say that things like attending a Wedding and a Magic show at the Gearbox Software Panel wasn’t memorable because it totally was! Or that hanging out with friends, playing games, and watching the final rock fall right in front of them crushing their dreams of escape after all the mocking because I pulled every snake and scorpion card in the stupid desk!!! I also got to hug a unicorn from a game I haven’t played.

I later found out it was a sex unicorn... Wonderful!
I later found out it was a sex unicorn… Wonderful!

Those things did happen and I enjoyed them.

PAX is what you make it of course and my advice to future PAX attendants – travel in small groups of 2-3 made up of people with similar interests and be up for anything, even panels and games your not really interested in. Also drink water and wear sunglasses. And paint doors black.

I hope to see you in the throng next year.