It is Judgment Time!


I have posted about Judge Dredd a lot on this site, and I have even told you to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray of the current film, not the Stallone version I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, but I decided I hadn’t reviewed the movie myself, and after this I promise (fingers crossed) not to type about Dredd so much.

Dredd’s basic story is that Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is forced to try out a new rookie Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), and Judge Anderson decides to check out a triple homicide in the Peach Trees mega block, a two hundred story sky scrapper that houses seventy-eight thousand people, and while there they run in to the Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) Clan who locks the block down and the Judges are in for a fight for their lives.

I think why this movie works so well is that it keeps everything basic.  The story is simple: fight your way up the block and deal with Ma-Ma.  They could have thrown in an origin story or decided to create a Anderson and Dredd romance, but instead they kept is simple.  Dredd/Anderson vs. Ma-Ma Clan: Fight!  That may sound dull but it works. They keep the action exciting and don’t drift off in to things that don’t matter or make sence.  They also could have tried to make this movie an epic and had block vs. block warfare or something, but instead they made it a simple ride along and it works perfectly.

Unlike most movies Dredd doesn’t really change in this movie, he has no arc, it could be argued that he does a little at the end, but I don’t think so.  Anderson does change, she becomes more like Dredd understanding what needs to be done to keep this massive city (180,000,000 people) sort of under control.

The actors all play their parts well.  Urban who never takes Dredd’s helmet off really gives his jaw a work out.  His sneers and frowns are wonderful.  Thirlby does a great job playing a person that is way over her head, but is trying to cope, and when she finally understands what needs to be done, she hits just as hard as Dredd.  Headey plays Ma-Ma perfectly, she doesn’t care about anything except getting what she wants and is completely ruthless.

If you haven’t figured it out by now.  I loved this movie, and if you like action movies then you need to check this flick out.  If you don’t like violent movies then this probably isn’t for you, and if you don’t want to take my word for it you should check out Daniel’s review.

Judge Dredd is on the Case! #2


You should probably read my review of Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 01 before reading this review, not that their are any spoilers, but because of the progression of the character.

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 02 is split up between to main stories, Judge Dredd’s journey over the cursed earth to deliver a medicine to cure a plague ravaging Mega City 2, and Judge Dredd leading the rebellion against the crazy Chief Judge Cal (short for Caligula).

The first story is great, and provides a lot of background in to the reasons for the Mega Cities.  The Cursed Earth is the irradiated landmass between the Mega Cities left after the nuclear war, and it is inhabited by crazy hillbillies, mutants, murderess crazy army robots, and a few dinosaurs left over from the cloned dinosaur park (the comic came out in 1977 and the book Jurassic Park came out in 1990, just saying).  It is great to see why everyone lives in the walled cities, but there are still some good people living in the wasteland and Dredd does his best to make the Cursed Earth a better place on the drive through.

The rebellion against Judge Cal is good, but gets a little long in the tooth towards the end.  Judge Cal takes over and is crazy and the people of Mega City 1 are paying the price, and only Judge Dredd and a few other loyal Judges can stop the mad man.

Unlike the first Complete Case Files, Judge Dredd is much more defined in this book.  He is more stoic with a dry sense of humor, and he upholds the law above all else.  The comedic relief Walter the Robot is not in this book as much considering Judge Dredd as a series has started to take a much more serious tone.  Not that it is all hard core action and carnage, there are still some laughs to be had but the humor is a little darker.

I liked this book much more then the first one, and I am sure that I will be buying more in the future.  Judge Dredd is a cool character and being able read through his history is has been fun.

Don’t pull the Wool over your eyes


The Wool Omnibus is a collection of self published short stories by Hugh Howey.  Even though there are five stories in the book they all follow the same story line, so it really is one book but split up so he could make more money on the Amazon self publishing store.  Don’t hold that against him though it is a great book.  I was tipped off about this book by Daniel Robison, and since he and I usually have the same taste I decided to give it a shot, and at $5.99 for the Kindle edition why not.

The book is about a group of people living in a silo, and the world outside is destroyed, so they are doing their best to survive in this giant tin can.  As you can guess people start wonder why they are in a silo and what is really outside, which is expressly forbidden.

Hugh Howey does a great job with this story.  It is fast paced and well written, though since it is self published there are some awkward sentences and misspellings, but still good work.  He has a talent for writing believable characters, and he has built a cool universe to play in.  He has written a prequel series “Wool Legacy” which judging by the reviews I will need to read soon as well.

If you haven’t guessed by now I think you should read this book, and if you don’t want to pay the $5.99, the first “book” in the series is free, and then you can decide to buy the rest later, which I am sure you will.

Don’t your head on the Iron Sky!


Iron Sky is a European film about Nazis invading earth from the Moon.  I could tell you who it is made by and who it stars, but that would be a waste of everyone’s time, but it does have a creepy German (Udo Kier) guy you may recognize.

The premise is that there are a group of Germans on the Moon waiting for the right time and technology to invade earth and finally win WWII.  They get the technology from an unwitting American astronaut.  That is pretty much it, and if that sounded good to you then it is a lot of fun.  If not I am guessing you haven’t read this far anyway.

I could go on about directing and if the actors are good, and they all do a pretty good job, but this is really just a camp Action Sci-Fi movie to have a few laughs and be amazed by the absurdity of it all.  If you are looking for the film equivalent of empty sugary calories then this is the movie for you.

Until next time, and watch the skies for Nazis!

And Now Somthing About You!

Since it has been 30 days since I started this blog I thought I would give you some of the stats about its usage.

Over the last 30 days 125 unique users (or computers if you like) have visited my site, and they have visited 442 times.  They have viewed 798 pages of content, and stayed on my site for an average of 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

The posts with the highest views besides the main page are: Good Day to Die Hard, Le Miserables, and The Diaspora Trilogy.  The least viewed posts are: The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Treasure Planet, and Spreading Dredd.  So it appears you like current movies and books vs. older movies and lesser known comic book heroes, who knew.

Most of you use Comcast accounting for 185 of the visits, 55.9% of you use Windows, and 23% of you use your iPhone.  3% of you use Linux.  Internet Explorer is the browser used the most, and Opera is used the least.

It has been fun running this site, and I hope you are enjoying reading it because I am having fun writing it.  And if it freaks you out about what I know about your site viewing habits blame Google.