Sad To See Eureka Go


I finally started watching the last season of Eureka.  I have been putting it off because I didn’t want it to end.  For those of you that don’t know Eureka is about a town of super geniuses that are kept in check by an average Joe named Sheriff Jack Carter.  It only lasted five season because the folks over at NBC decided that it was to expensive to keep going.

The show had so many great characters and quirky pseudosciencey stories it was like watching a tongue and cheek Sci-Fi pulp novel.  If you want to watch some fun light hearted Sci-Fi, then Eureka more then fits the bill.  I can only hope the Sy-Fy Channel finds a show worthy to replace it.

Lets Have Some Adventure Time!


Adventure Time is a short form animated series by Pendleton Ward.  It follows two main characters Finn the human and Jake the shape shifting dog.  It has a massive following of viewers, and it has hit Netflix streaming, so I decided to give it a try, and it is amazing.

Each episode gives Finn and Jack some adventure to go on.  Like ward off candy people zombies, or go deep in to some forest to claim some magical object, but the shear randomness of the villains and allies they meet, and witty dialog make this show funny to watch.  This show does more with twelve minutes then some shows do with forty-four (length of an hour long TV episode), and it always puts a smile on my face.

It sounds like the voice actors must be having a good time too.  Long time voice actor John DiMaggio plays Jake, and if you think he sounds like Bender from Furturama then you would be correct, and relative newcomer Jeremy Shada plays Finn, and he is about the same age as Finn in real life.

If you need something to make you smile and laugh, and not have to worry about it getting all dark serious, then Adventure Time should be on your short list.

Walking Dead Season 3 Wrap Up


I wasn’t going to write this post, since I don’t know how much I can share without spoiling things, and I have mentioned the Walking Dead on my site before, but my wife said I had to, and it is best not to argue with your wife when it can be avoided.

Season 3 ended on a high note.  It was tense and full of action just like we all wanted it to be, but there are still some moments that make you scratch your head, and make you think that just possibly the writers are making it up as they go along.  I think that can be said for the whole season as well.  The show has such epic highs that we tend to gloss over the fact it can be uneven at times, and even make the zombie apocalypse boring here and there, but then they have an episode like this to wrap up the season and all is forgiven, and it will be a painful seven months until the show returns.

<Spoilers>  I like where the show ended up.  With Woodberry and The Prison merged, and The Governor no doubt out raising his new army somewhere. </End Spoilers>  It is an ending that lets you feel this season is over, but still interested in what is going to happen next season, and I am.  It may be that the only way I will be able to wait the next seven months out is to re-watch the show from the beginning.

Can you win the Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is a HBO series based of the books by George R. R. Martin.  The series has been on for two seasons, and the third season starts on the 31st of March.  It is simply the best fantasy show on television.

The show is about the land of Westeros, and the several different houses all biding for their chance to either sit on the Iron Throne and be King of all the land, or simply be free of the empire and be king of their own little section.  The heroes of the show are the Starks, and they are the Lords and Ladies of Winterfell, the northern part of Westeros.  There are a lot, and I mean a lot of other characters, which is great because you get so many viewpoints on this war.

The writing and the acting are great in this series, but the one thing that bugs me is the amount of nudity in the show.  For the most part it is okay, but then they decide that they need to spice things up a bit and go overboard, and it can get a bit distracting from the serious tone the rest of the series sets.

But if you can handle a bit of scandal, then this show has a lot to offer, dragons, zombies, and medieval action, to name a few things, and I am going to have to figure out some way to watch the third season.

What’s Up with Downton Abbey?


Downton Abbey is a show on BBC and PBS about a large English estate.  It has become quite popular which is a rarity for period costume dramas, so I have given it a try.  Does it get this nerd’s seal of approval? Yes it does.

The show is about a fictional Yorkshire estate, and it takes place from 1912 to the early 1920s so far, and it follows the Grantham Family and their multitude of servants.  There are so many twists and turns in this show that to give a full plot would take the fun out of it, but for something as slow paced as a costume drama, there is plenty happening to keep you interested.

This show is really a high class soap opera, but it is a well acted and written soap opera, so it is very engaging, and not to give anything away, but they are just as likely kill off main character as The Walking Dead, and that show is about the Zombie Apocalypse.  The real reason I keep watching is Maggie Smith.  She is fantastic, and I spend every episode just waiting for her to use her amazing control of words to get exactly what she wants.

Downton Abbey is not something I would usually watch, but thanks to my wife, I am hooked.  Most of it should be streaming on Amazon Prime, even season three should be up soon, so there is nothing stopping you from giving it a try.